Artist I Love: Richard Misrach

I’ve been a fan of Richard Misrach’s work for as long as I can remember.  He is celebrated for pioneering color photography as fine art, and remains one of its most innovative practitioners.  I love the fearless, expressive use of color in his landscapes – an almost surreal vision of the natural world.  His work is passionate but never sentimental, and always mesmerizing:

Battleground Point #19 (1999)

Clearing Storm Near Kingman (1985)

Untitled, 2008

from Golden Gate (2012)

Mono Lake, CA (1999)

Untitled (2007)

Pyramid Lake #5 (1988)

Battleground Point #3 (1999)

Monolake 2, California (1999)

Untitled, 2009

Pyramid Lake (orange) (1997)

Cloud, Walker Lake (1994)

“Part of what I find so compelling about photography is the mystery of it. After forty years I would expect myself to be jaded, bored – but not at all. The magic of the ways photography works and what it does, remains elusive. Photography still challenges my visual and intellectual needs in a way no other medium can.” – Richard Misrach, 2011 (Spot)

Bonneville Salt Flats (red), 1999


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