Artist I Love: Daniel Buren in Mexico

I’ve written before about Daniel Buren, the renowned French conceptualist that does site-specific installations. Over the years, I’ve been inspired by his bold use of stripes, colors, and geometric patterns, and the juxtaposition of his work against the iconic buildings in which he chooses to display them.

Buren has a striking new installation at the Cabañas Institute, which is housed in the Hospicio Cabañas, a monumental neoclassical building and UNESCO world heritage site in Guadalajara, Mexico. The work is featured in 18 patios and the chapel of the building, which once served as a huge hospital. As always, Buren uses stripes and dynamic color compositions throughout the installation in unexpected and intriguing ways. But perhaps even more interesting are his clever placement of large-scale mirrors, chosen specifically to trick the eye, visually fragmenting the architecture in places, while expanding it in others. I can’t get enough of this installation!

I would love to visit this show (maybe an excuse for a trip?), but even the pictures are making me think about new ways to use stripes and color in my own projects.

Here are some of my favorite images from the installation:

Photocredit Galeria Hilario Galguera3

Photocredit Galeria Hilario Galguera2

Photocredit Galeria Hilario Galguera4

Photocredit Gustavo Cruz6

Photocredit Galeria Hilario Galguera7

Photocredit Lisson Gallery - La Capilla, De la Cupula a la Rotunda - Daniel Buren

Photocredit Galeria Hilario Galguera6

Photocredit Galeria Hilario Galguera8

Photocredit Gustavo Cruz2

Photocredit Galeria Hilario Galguera5

Photocredit Galeria Hilario Galguera11

Photocredit Gustavo Cruz4

Photocredit Gustavo Cruz3

Photocredit Galeria Hilario Galguera12

Photocredit Galeria Hilario Galguera10

Photocredit Gustavo Cruz

Photocredit Galeria Hilario Galguera

Photocredit Gustavo Cruz5

Photocredit Gustavo Cruz7


Photo credits: 1-3, 5, 7-11, 14, 15, 18 Galeria Hilario Galguera; 4, 7-11, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20 Gustavo Cruz; 6 Lisson Gallery

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