Boutique Style: Modern-Traditional Hotels

One of the many reasons I love the interplay of modern and traditional design is that this blending of styles can make an interior feel fresh and unexpected. This was exactly how I felt when clients recently re-introduced me to The Dylan and JK Place Capri hotels, which they described as inspirations for their homes.

The allure of both of these international boutique hotels is in their luxurious, bold decors. I think each makes an excellent example of how to successfully blend styles to attain an eclectic yet classic feel.

The Dylan Hotel

Situated in Amsterdam’s city center, the Dylan is encased behind a 17th century historical façade, comprised of typical canal houses. The hotel is praised for its contemporary-meets-classic design. The façade and muted colors used throughout the interior are quite traditional, while the eclectic use of period furniture inside has a very modern sensibility.

The Dylan caters to a well-traveled clientele and offers a variety of rooms and 2-story suites, some decorated in stark white, others in Japanese-inspired “kimono style,” and still others in more luxurious tones and furnishings.

The garden

The courtyard

“Kimono Style” room

The Dylan Thomas Suite 

JK Place Capri

The design of JK Place Capri is the definition of modern-meets-traditional. While the architecture is classic, the finishes throughout the hotel make it fresh and graphic.

The furniture is familiar and traditional, but with subtle details like oversized hardware and polished nickel that make it modern. I like how the blue and white details throughout the hotel are crisp and appropriate for a seaside resort and stand the test of time.

The bar

Breakfast room (The purple Ikat pattern on the traditional wing chairs is another example of modern traditional).

 Seaside-inspired bedroom

 Dining room

Swimming pool with a view of the Mediterranean

For more on blending traditional and modern styles, read my past posts on blending furniture styles, and integrating modern furnishings into traditional architectural settings.


All photos care of The Dylan Hotel and JK Place Capri

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