Cool Things at the New York International Gift Show

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Crisp candy colored lacquer bath accessories from Pacific Connections: Photo Credit: S.B. Long Interiors

I hit the Gift Show recently in NYC. It’s twice a year and always worth a day of walking the aisles to see what’s new and what fun stuff can be incorporated into current projects. Though the show is huge – I focus on the home accessories. In past years I tended to be drawn to the industrial vintage looking booths full of galvanized bucket and large chrome

pendant lights. This year I was inspired by collections of vibrant accessories from some of my favorite vendors. It must be because I’m so tired of looking at 7 foot piles of dirty white snow!

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A little bit of vintage, industrial & nautical all in one from Blue Ocean Traders: Photo Credit: S.B. Long Interiors

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Modern cashmere pillows from Rani Arabella

I’d love to see the coral & white lacquer accessories in a pool house bathroom, the metal painted nautical flag cabinet in a boy’s bedroom, the graphic cashmere throw pillows in a sophisticated grey and white living room. These will all go in my mental filing cabinet for the future!

AccessoriesGiftShowFEB12011 072

Retro modern floor lamps from Chelsea Textiles – love the slick gloss paint

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Not your average dish towel. Chic stripes from Dransfield & Ross: Photo Credit: S.B. Long Interiors


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