Energetic Eataly is More Than a Market

These days 5th Avenue is abuzz with the opening of Eataly, a market that offers more than artisan cookware and products.  This energetic market offers the highest quality imports from Italy, as well as locally produced food that is made with top quality ingredients.

mushrooms eataly

Residents will enjoy discovering this incredible market that not only organizes everything by ingredients but also by region.

meat eataly

From a design standpoint, the space truly captures the essence of a luxurious Italian market.   You step inside to a world of high ceilings, beautifully carved marble and openness.  They took a lot of care in designing every aspect of the market, making sure customers would get a sense of two worlds, old and new, meshing into one unique experience.

bread eataly

Visitors will enjoying browsing through the vast Italian products that are beautifully placed on wood shelves and in baskets.  Even the packaging for items such as pasta, reflects a fresh feel, boosting the old world ambiance.

pasta eataly

Eataly New York is the brainchild of several notable chefs, including Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich. Both chefs are renowned throughout the city for their modern yet traditional Italian style cuisine. Both chefs will be available to share their knowledge through hands on classes at the market.  The Spring cooking class schedule is available and you can receive it through email or even follow their tweets for quick updates.  If you’re a fan of either chef and enjoy their style of eat, shop and learn through flavorful and visually appealing food, then you’ll enjoy shopping this unique market.

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This one of a kind gastro mecca has two entrances, 5th Avenue and 23rd Street.  The market is open 10am until 11pm daily, including the cafes.  To learn more visit Eataly New York.

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  • 8 years ago Carolyn O’Keefe

    Eataly is so vast and marvelous, our family spent over an hour there, mouths agape…that is, until we filled them with the best gelato outside of Italy!


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