Designer Secrets: Decorating with Greenery

It’s no secret that I love gardens and greenery. I’ve posted before about some of my favorite garden inspirations and ideas. As a result, my interiors are never without a touch of green. Throughout my years of designing, I have developed some tricks for making the most impact with live plants and branches indoors. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to incorporate them in home décor.

Indoor trees are always a go-to for making a large visual statement. In particular, I love to use fiddle fig leaf trees in interiors. This tree always adds height and drama to a room with it’s tall graceful trunk and large, round leaves. I love how the fiddle figs frame the entrance to our Greenwich, CT pool house interior below.

3 - sl_9624edit

In this Rye, NY sunroom, the fiddle fig leaf anchors the corner and adds contrast to the neutral color palette.


Adding greenery can also be as simple as using what you have in your own yard. I often find that a few branches create a nice sculptural element in a space. Branches can be especially beautiful in the Fall when the leaves are changing colors like those on the coffee table below.

2 - livingroom detail_00014small

These branches bring life and a pop of color to the hallway.

7 - hall_00007

I also feel it’s important to match the style of greenery to the style of your interior. In the two images below, the Fiddlehead ferns and succulent branches seemed the right choice to align with the vibe of this modern Tribeca apartment.

2 - Living Room- 0151-03

5 - Bar- 0151-06

Indoor greenery doesn’t have to be limited to standard glass vases. In the two space below, I utilized some of the clients classic silver serving pieces – like pitchers and mint julep cups – to hold branches and other foliage. I find this adds a chic, cohesive presentation element.

8 - tvrm_00021-2

3 - diningrm_00014-3

Finally, terra cotta pots don’t have to just be utilized outdoors. I think they bring a classic, organic element to the two spaces below. Plus, they always look great in a grouping.

5 - Felder South Hampton Tria Giovan NYSpaces Shoot _cannot use01 copy

7 - Tocar Varvel London Hallway Chair

I hope this gives you some great ideas for incorporating greenery into your own decor!


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