Impact Your Landscaping with a White Garden

I’m working on the interiors of a Greenwich home right now where the landscape designer has planted a sea of white Azaleas in front of our client’s Georgian stone house. It’s breathtaking and so organized and refined. I love white gardens. I find the absence of color and the subtlety of white flowers against shades of green so sophisticated.

courtesy of White Flower Farm

White gardens add a serene element to any outdoor living space.

white garden

Similar to my designs for interiors, I like to control the color, texture and contrast of dark and light in the garden.  A property becomes seamlessly elegant when all spaces relate, inside and out.  I installed a woodland garden in a large shaded area off my back patio two years ago. The mix of robust Hosta and delicate Ferns against large blooming white Peony flowers is a gorgeous combination. Even better, it looks chic with my chocolate brown and white outdoor patio fabrics!

white garden bold

Depending on the contrast and design you can create a big impact in your garden.

contrast white garden

A simple contrast of bold, white flowers against soft ferns creates an interesting feel to your garden.

white roses

White climbing roses adds height and beauty to a white garden.

White climbing roses adds height and beauty to a white garden.

When clients ask me for recommendations on landscaping, I always suggest gardens with restrained color and white flowers. Some of my favorite stylish outdoor fabrics from DeLany & Long, Ltd., when installed on weathered teak Sutherland Furniture or modern white framed McKinnon and Harris pieces look stunning surrounded by a white garden. A few notable designers that have created beautiful white gardens include Bunny Williams, James Doyle and Carolyn Roehm. All appeal to my love of controlled color and composition in the garden.



  • 7 years ago Beth Souther

    Show me a blog that not only offers decor advice, but also shares vacation ideas and landscaping tips and I’m in. Thanks for giving us five of your favorites in so many categories.

  • 11 months ago John Lincomb

    Great article for this lawn and garden fanatic. Going to share this with my facebook friends.
    Will be a regular reader for sure. Thanks again!


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