Millbrook, New York’s Hidden Treasure

Tucked away in upstate New York you’ll find an amazing travel destination that’s not very well known. I first discovered it about 10 years ago when my parents lived in Millbrook.  It’s become an annual summer outing for me and this year my kids are just old enough to enjoy it!

Innisfree Garden borrows from neat Asian philosophy, a Chinese way of looking at things, making each visual framed like a complete photo image. These visuals are best described by the garden website:

“Visitors walk into a series of episodes or pictures and can enter the sequence of pictures wherever they choose. The rugged topography of the Innisfree site invariably enframes these pictures called cup gardens.”

Originally belonging to Walter and Marion Beck, Innisfree Garden is now open to the public. Visiting is a unique and charming experience. In addition to its picturesque flora, Innisfree encompasses well-placed stone, waterfalls and terraces, and is situated so it embraces Tyrrel Lake.

Innisfree Garden is a breathtakingly beautiful destination to add to your travel wish list. This and the next few months are the prime—and only— times to visit, since the garden is open from May through late October. Happy traveling!



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