Mixed Media: The 2015 Dallas Arts Fair

This past weekend was the annual Dallas Arts Fair. I’ve written about attending the fair gala in the past, but this year, I thought I’d highlight some of the artists that caught my eye. One of the great things about the Dallas Arts Fair is that it allows me to reconnect with galleries and artists that I worked with back in New York.

I was especially excited to see new pieces by Andrew Holmquist from the Carrie Secrist Gallery. He is an artist that I discovered last year at the Fair. I fell in love with one of his bold striped paintings which now hangs in my entry. In his latest work, Andrew uses a variety of mediums including colored film, colored pencil, offset press and oil stick.

2015-04-10 10.06.12

Andrew Holmquist, Dandy, 2014

2015-04-10 09.49.25-1

Andrew Holmquist, ConXion, 2014

Another artist I saw using interesting materials was Marco Maggi (Josee Bienvenu Gallery) . His piece below, “Drawing Machine” uses pencil, bowstrings and hooks to create an interesting sculptural composition. Much of Marco’s work follows this same method where the complexity is revealed as the viewer gets closer to the piece.

2015-04-10 10.24.13-1

2015-04-10 10.24.13-4

Marco Maggi, “Drawing Machine” (6 possible drawing points), 2015

Finally, I was especially intrigued by the work of Alexandra Gorczynski (Zhulong Gallery). In her work, she utilizes embedded video screens with unique, dynamic videos.

2015-04-10 10.25.15-2

Overall, the Dallas Arts Fair continues to be a great source of inspiration and a fun visit with fellow patrons of the arts. Check out some of my other snapshots of cool art and the scene at the Thursday night preview party below:

2015-04-10 10.25.28-2

2015-04-10 10.26.31-3

2015-04-10 10.05.57-2

2015-04-10 10.05.56

2015-04-10 09.48.02

2015-04-10 10.26.11-3

2015-04-10 09.49.19


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