Nantucket: Seven Seas Gallery by Vanessa Noel

Nantucket is a fabulous place to visit in Massachusetts, and is home to The Vanessa Noel Hotel Green, which sits adjacent to Vanassa Noel’s chic Seven Seas Gallery.

Seven Seas is refreshingly modern for Nantucket, featuring a cool collection of art, vintage books and nautical memorabilia. The gallery itself includes a series of smaller rooms—each well-edited and stylish—in a historic building, which the Essex whale ship’s Captain Pollard owned in the early 19th century, according to the gallery’s Facebook page.

Opened in 2005, the same year as the Hotel Green, Seven Seas Gallery represents local photographer Michael Gaillard, and, according to Vanessa Noel’s website, “is filled with the works of her favorite painters and photographers.”

You’ll find the gallery at 46 Centre Street in town, and now is the perfect time to visit—it’s open only during July and August each year!

Photos: 1 and 6 via Seven Seas Gallery; 2-5 and 7-8 by Susan Bednar Long



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