One of a Kind: Bespoke Global

Remember when couture implied an intimate collaboration, something created for you alone? Now the term is applied to anything from high-end collection to velour tracksuits to – shudder – dog collars. Likewise, I think the the idea of custom has been watered down to become a little less…special.

Enter Bespoke Global. The young visionaries behind this new curated concept store have made it their mission to facilitate one-of-a-kind creations handmade by their elite roster of global artisans. They initiate the creative process by matching clients with the an artist, facilitate sketches and samples, then oversee the execution to meet your exacting standards. The completed piece is white-glove delivered along with a video documenting the entire process, a personal touch I adore.

Bespoke Global also offers a curated selection of exclusive designer pieces, including stellar pieces by Michael Coffey, Richard Wrightman and co-founder Gwen Carlton. Gwen and her partner Pippa McArdle are also hosting their own version of a salon with their weekly gatherings of of designers and artisans. Check out a sampling of their unique offerings:

Personally, I’m hoping their success ignites a renaissance for custom work in the purest sense.

All images from Bespoke Global


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