Snapshots from Berlin

I haven’t written many travel posts lately, but I’ll be making up for that over the next few weeks. I’m in Europe for most of May, and my travels will culminate, over Memorial Day weekend, with a party I’m throwing in Venice celebrating my husband’s birthday and our 10-year wedding anniversary. For now, though, I want to focus on Berlin, where we’ve been for the past week.

This is my first time visiting and I’ve been struck by the modern sensibility here, clearly influenced by the Bauhaus movement. So much has been built since the 1980’s, and there’s this interesting mix of pockets of pre-war architecture juxtaposed with newer, industrial-age buildings throughout the city.

There’s seemingly endless inspiration here for the 1930’s salon-style NYC loft apartment I’ve been working on. I love the streamlined look of the buildings, the characteristic use of metal and glass, arts and crafts ceramic tiles, and linear and grid patterns.

Here are some detail and architectural shots I thought were cool from this past week:

2014-05-05 18.49.17

2014-05-04 21.27.29

2014-05-04 15.34.08

2014-05-04 15.19.30

2014-05-04 21.09.08

2014-05-04 21.28.17

2014-05-04 21.28.36

2014-05-04 21.29.10

2014-05-05 15.45.56

2014-05-04 21.27.42

2014-05-04 22.24.19

2014-05-04 21.07.21

2014-05-05 15.28.24

2014-05-05 20.01.39

2014-05-06 00.51.37

2014-05-06 10.32.33-1

2014-05-06 11.00.12

2014-05-04 14.57.00

2014-05-06 11.05.52

2014-05-06 15.30.02

2014-05-06 15.34.57

2014-05-06 16.09.56

2014-05-06 16.16.20

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I’ll share more from our trip over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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