Snapshots from Majorca Spain

My husband and I had the opportunity to visit friends on the island of Majorca a few months ago for a long weekend after one of my project site visits in Provence, France. Lucky for me, we were toured around by our hosts and introduced to the many moods of the island. I was most surprised by the variation – from rustic farmland and stone villages, to chic Palma shops, to whitewashed beachfront hotspots. I loved the rich earth tones found inland, contrasted with the crisp white and deep blue of the coastal areas.

Here are some snapshots of Majorca’s colors and textures that caught my eye:

Rustica facade in Petra

Farmland outside Petra

Promenade in Palma

Just before dinner

Courtyard in Petra

Garage door in Petra

Beach lounge chair tags at Puro Beach Bar

Pure Beach Bar

Lush fields overlooking Petra

Facade in Petra

Doorway detail in Petra

Our 4-legged weekend hosts

Robust Spanish details in Palma

Afternoon by the pool

Fig trees against stone

Earth toned succulents against the stucco

Puro’s logo

View from Puro Beach Bar

Can’t wait to go back!


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