Snapshots from Spain

After basking in the patinas of Provence, it was time to soak in the sights and savory flavors of Spain. The Riviera’s Christening cruise from Monte Carlo brought me to Valencia and Barcelona where I was able to enjoy local color, architecture and traditional Spanish dishes. Here’s a taste of the sensory treats that caught my eye.

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A facade with intriguing wall detail in the main square of Valencia, Spain

interior design inspiration from spain

 An inspiring combination of materials – stone mosaic floor, copper embossed door and rustic stone wall of an old Church in the heart of downtown Valencia

interior design inspiration

 An elegant vine pattern that runs along a quiet side street in Valencia

design inspiration from spain

A mosaic of colorful graphic tiles cover a sidewalk in Valencia

inspiration from spain

 A tantalizing sandwich shop in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona


Pastries – or as I like to call them, the mini architecture – of Barcelona

design inspiration

One of the many ornate veneers that surround Barcelona 

design inspiration from spain

 The elaborate columns at the Picasso Museo in Barcelona

I love when my work allows me to experience such vibrant cities and rich history. I hope you find as much inspiration from these slices of Spanish culture as I do.

Photos by Susan Bednar Long

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