Structured Style: My Garden Inspirations

A personal project this summer has been planning the landscaping for my home in Highland Park. I’ve always loved traditional European gardens, where everything is organized and there’s clear geometry in the design and repetitive themes.

To bring about that feel, I’m planning to integrate boxwoods and lots of green things. I like how traditional gardens often use one colored flower as an accent, so I’ll integrate hydrangeas (my favorite!). We’re also planning to add hardscape, again with plenty of green grass.

I’ve drawn a lot of ideas from the work of Doyle Herman Design Associates, in Greenwich, CT. Their landscape designs are stunning, expertly blending the well-defined and welcoming spaces of traditional gardens with modern elements, such as contrasting materials and asymmetrical shapes.

Following are a few of my favorite inspirations. Some are by Doyle Herman Design Associates, but most of the shots were taken locally at University Park here in Dallas, as well as a few from my recent trip to London:

NEW2014-04-05 17.00.00

Photocredit- Doyle Herman Design Associates

by Doyle Herman Design Associates

2014-04-15 18.27.47

2014-04-05 16.59.17

2014-04-11 18.20.52

2014-04-15 18.18.45

2014-04-15 18.25.23

Photocredit- Doyle Herman Design Associates (2)

by Doyle Herman Design Associates

2014-04-11 18.55.49

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 6.15.46 PM

by Doyle Herman Design Associates

Taken in London- 2

2014-04-15 18.17.36

2014-04-11 19.01.27

2014-04-11 18.27.09

2014-04-15 18.23.02

Taken in London


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